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C3-1624-2-LTI-TJ1I - C3 1-6x24 Competition Rifle Scope

The C-MORE Systems C3 1-6x24 was designed around the AR platform, for competition and recreational shooting. Machined from aircraft aluminum alloy, fitted with lockable target turrets with elevation zero stop for instant return to zero setting. Reticle drops and click adjustments are in yards and inches; ballistics based on a 200 yard zero, for a 55 grain bullet exiting the bore at 3150 fps. Five and ten mph wind tick marks are provided on all drops. Coated optics ensure the maximum light transmission and clarity for the cleanest sight picture possible. An illuminated center dot is provided for rapid unity power acquisition; while the lack of a vertical crosshair above the horizontal crosshair produces an uncluttered field of view. A ranging scale is available for unknown target distances.

Product Data SheetDownload PDF
Instruction ManualDownload PDF
Reticle ManualDownload PDF
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